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Guide to Spain

Spain Facts & Info

Spain is located in Europe and shares borders with France, Andorra, and Portugal. It is so close to Africa, just 14.3 kilometers, that on a clear day you can see Morocco from the Striat of Gibraltar. The capitol of Spain is Madrid and it has a Constitutional Monarchy, meaning it has a King and a Queen. However, they do have a parliamentary democracy so the will of the people is represented. Explore more below in our Guide to Spain.

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Guide to Spain: History

In the 700’s, the Moors of Northern Africa attacked the country and Spain fell under Muslim rule until the 1400’s. You can still see the architectural influence of the Moors today.
Interesting fact: There is evidence that Neanderthals once lived in Spain.

Guide to Spain: What you need to know

Currency: The Euro
Language: There are five official languages: Castilian, Spanish, Basque, Catalan, and Galician
Population: Around 47.5 million 
Voltage: Spain’s voltage is 230V 
Food: Paella and Tapas 
La Sagrada Familia: This church was designed by Antoni Gaudi and has been under construction for over 140 years
Weather: Spain’s location on the Mediterranean coast gives it mild temperatures throughout the year. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t get hot or cold, it does. There are mountains in the north so it does get cold while in the southern part of Spain, temperatures are hot in the summer.

Guide to Spain: Bucket List Ideas

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