Destinations around the world - where do you want to go?

So many countries, so little time!

There are so many destinations around the world to choose from to visit and if you’re like me, you probably want to see them all. Maybe you want to visit areas of the world that are part of your heritage. Or, maybe you love archeology and ancient civilizations (like me!) and want to visit all of UNESCO‘s world heritage sites. There’s currently 1157 of them! That’s a lot of traveling!

Whether you want to just relax on a beach or visit a far away exotic location, there’s a place for everyone. Click on one of the continents or regions below to learn more about that continent. At the bottom of the continent pages, you can choose a country to read more about the destination around the world you’re interested in.

Destinations around the World

Click a country or region below to read more about the destination you’re interested in.

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