Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Terms of Service last updated: January 20, 2023

The Terms of Service of Passports and Photographs governs your use of this website and applies whenever you use this site.

Terms of Service: Copyright & Terms of Use

All content and images on this site, including photographs, images, and the organization and layout of the site are owned or licensed by Passports and Photographs (“The Website”) for use on this site only. Unauthorized use of information from Passports and Photographs is prohibited.  Under the Terms of Service, no one should copy, reproduce, transmit, distribute, download, or transfer any content on the Website without permission.  

If you would like to republish any content found on this website, please send an email asking permission. Under the Terms of Service, republication of a quote of 100 words or less from the original article must include a link to the original article. If you want to republish more than 100 words from this website, please email for permission. All republications must provide a link back to this website. Use of information from this website does not transfer ownership rights.

Terms of Service: Comments

Comments on the Website are always welcome. However, we do reserve the right to delete any comments submitted to this blog without notice for the following reasons:

  • Comments deemed to be spam
  • Comments including profanity
  • Comments containing language that could be deemed offensive
  • Comments containing hate speech, threats, or attacks on individuals
  • Harassment of others

The owner(s) of this blog is not responsible for the content in comments. For more information or questions about our Terms of Service, please email PassportsandPhotos @gmail.com.

Terms of Service: Limitation of Liability

Passports and Photographs shall have no liability in the event that information garnered from The Website is found to be inaccurate. Due to the nature of constant changing of information, it is your responsibility to verify information that you may use from this site is still current and accurate.

Reservation of Rights

Passports and Photographs retains the right to terminate anyone’s use of The Website. This may be for, but not limited to, spamming, profanity, or abusive content being uploaded to The Website.