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South America consists of 12 countries and 3 territores and has the world’s largest rainforest, The Amazon. The world’s tallest waterfall, Angel Falls, is also in South America. Spanish & Portuguese are the most common languages spoken in South America, however, there are around 450 languages here.  Read more about the South American countries in our Guide to South America below.


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Peruvian woman pulling a Llama on the streets of Cusco - Guide to South America


Guide to South America: Best time to visit

When you’re choosing a time to visit South America, keep in mind that the Southern Hemisphere has their winter opposite of the Northern Hemisphere. Therefore, it will be colder in June, July, and August and warm in December, January, and February.

The top portion of South America sits close to the equator so it will be warm/hot nearly all year long. There are mountainous regions throughout South America so they do get their fair share of snow too. Even in the Northern part of the continent. Between January and April.

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