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North America Facts & Info

North America consists of 23 separate countries as well as another 25 territories, mostly in the Caribbean. It expands from the arctic all the way down to the equator. There is every type of climate and landscape to choose from to explore from mountains to beaches to deserts and even rainforests.

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Mexico's Chichen Itza pyramid - Guide to North America
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Guide to North America: Best time to visit North America

With so many landscapes and climates it all depends on what you’re wanting to do. Just keep in mind that if it’s something that is specific to a summer or winter activity and everyone wants to do it, it’ll be pricey.

If you’re on a budget (aren’t we all!), plan to go in the off season. Avoid going to National Parks in the middle of the summer because of both the heat and the crowds. I like to do those things either before school gets out or after everyone goes back to school.

Obviously you can’t snow ski in the summer or you likely won’t want to go to the beach in December so there are exceptions. But with the continent being so large, you can definitely find a warm beach in December somewhere! 

Guide to North America: Bucket List ideas

North America Bucket List