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Guide to Asia


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Asia Facts & Info

Asia consists of 49 countries. Two of those, Russia & Turkey, are also a part of Europe. It’s the largest and most populated continent with over 4.7 billion people.

The largest city in the world, Tokyo, is located here. Mt Everest, the world’s tallest mountain, is in Nepal. Asia’s climate ranges from artic to tropical. There are deserts, forests, mountains, beaches, and more. 


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Asia is so large that you may have trouble deciding which one (or ones) to visit first. The countries are all so vastly different and even within each country, the regions/cities are different from each other as well. The decision as to which one to go to first may come down to budget or something as simple as an attraction to a photo, article or movie you saw. One thing is for sure, visiting Asia might leave you overwhelmed and in awe all at the same time. It’s complex, diverse, chaotic, and beautiful all at once.

Ta Phrom temple in Cambodia - Guide to Asia
Photo of a temple in Japan with a red Torii Gate - Guide to Asia
Thailand photo of an alley in Bangkok - Guide to Asia
The Mua Cave mountain in Ninh Binh Vietnam - Guide to Asia


Guide to Asia: Best time to visit Asia

Because of the vast area that Asia covers, Asia’s weather varies. Western Asia is generally hotter and more dry than Southeast Asia. Also be aware that some areas have a monsoon season. If you don’t mind the rain your budget will go very far. There will also be less crowds during this time. But it will be rainy.

There’s also a period of time where the temperature will be extremely hot and the humidity can be pretty unbearable. You can get great deals during this period, just remember to drink a lot of water and jump into air conditioned cafes now and then. And of course opt to stay in places that have a pool. You will be so glad to be able to cool off at the end of the day.

Prices for airfare and hotels tend to be cheaper during the monsoon and humid periods so as long as you don’t mind this, you’ll be able to find great deals on airfare. Your money will go really far.

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